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Write For Us: Enfield Haunting, Horror and Scary Stories

Do you know anything about the Enfield Haunting case that you think our readers would be interested in? Do you have any other horror stories, ghost stories or haunted tales that you want to share? Then take a look at these Write For Us guidelines to learn how you can submit work that may appear on the Enfield Haunting website.

Why We Have Write for us Guidelines

It really is very important that you read the guidelines below. We know there is a lot to take in, we know it can be daunting to see it all and we know that most of you will just skip to the contact form at the end. But you should know that everyone who does that will be ignored.

It sounds cruel, but we have to do that, otherwise we would spend our days replying to spam. To give you an idea of how crazy this situation is, before we posted so many guidelines we received an average of 100 submissions a week. Of these, 90+ used form letters that had clearly been spammed to every other active Write For Us page on the internet.

They used words like, “We loved your site and your content” with a clear “insert website name here” space. In fact, around 1 in every 10 submissions we received would have the name of a different website.

If that wasn’t bad enough, all of the content and content ideas we received was irrelevant to the subject matter. And by that we don’t mean that they weren’t writing about the Enfield Haunting. We mean that they weren’t even writing about hauntings. At least 1 in every 3 we received was to do with casinos!

So, for the sake of our sanity, we had to start putting blocks on this content and these requests and instructing our editors to ignore them. Just know that it will be obvious to those editors who has read these guidelines and that anyone who has will be given priority.

What to Submit

We do not ask that you send us a complete article to begin with because we know this is not fair. However, we do ask that you send us the following:

  • Bio: Tell us a little about yourself. What are your credentials as a writer? Have you been published elsewhere? What is your most famous work?
  • Sample: We need to know how good you are, so please send us a sample of your work, preferably relating to the subject material on our site.
  • Titles: We need to know what sort of content you will write for us. So, give us a few ideas for titles that you would like to complete.
  • Reason: Why are you contacting us? We know you want to write for us, but what is your goal? Please be open and honest, and if you are writing to submit guest posts, please include the link you will be adding to your article.

What Not to Send

Please do not send us a query letter asking us if we are accepting guest posts. This page should have answered that question for you.

Do not send us any attachments, these will be deleted and our spam filters may also delete your message if something is attached.

Please do not repeatedly ask about the status of your submission. Our editors have a lot to get through as it is and have been instructed to ignore such requests.

Do not send us any kind of offers. You may use the Contact Us page to get in touch with the department who can deal with those, but messages sent here might not be passed on.

Please do not use this form to ask questions about writing for us. They will likely be ignored as it’s very easy for them to get lost in the submissions.

Sponsored Posts

On very rare occasions (very rare, as they have yet to actually happen) we may be open to including sponsored posts in the form of editorials and advertorials. The reason we are so typically averse to these, however, is because they just don’t fit with the content of the site.

We are horror fanatics and we like to give our honest opinions on everything. We have been approached by publishers and film companies in the past with regards to reviewing their horror books and films. However, there were time limits, suggestions that the reviews should be positive, and demands made with regards to where these would be placed.

None of that fit in with what we do here on Enfield Haunting so we had to reject them. However, if you are okay with all of this and you think that you can fit your message in with our plans then you are welcome to get in touch with us. Just select the right option from the form below.

After Your Submission

Due to the number of spam submissions we receive, we can not respond to all submissions. If you have followed these guidelines then you will receive a response, whether positive or negative. In fact, many people who follow them will typically be given a chance to write for us, even if it doesn’t result in them getting a job on the site.

There are a few other things worth noting after you use the Write For Us contact form below:

  • You will not be paid for your submission or any of your others.
  • EnfieldHanting.com will retain exclusive rights to everything published on the site. In the event that the work published was submitted by an unpaid writer, then those rights will only be retained for the first six months.
  • We reserve the right to edit articles as we see fit, even after they have been published.
  • We reserve the right to delete any articles that we no longer believe are a good fit.
  • If you do not receive a response from us within 2 weeks, you can assume that we are not interested.