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Haunted Videos: Paranormal and Ghosts Caught on Tape

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There are some bizarre and haunted places on this planet. We’ve covered many of them here on the Enfield Haunting site, including haunted forests, chapels, asylums and even churches. But what does it take to capture those ghosts and the paranormal on video? Sometimes not much.

Read on to check out a few of the most haunted videos, most of which were filmed at locations we’ve covered here on Enfield Haunting.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

In the 1920s, the United States was plagued with tuberculosis. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium was its own city, accepting, then disposing of, victims of the deadly disease. The hospital was constructed in 1910, and was originally designed to accommodate 40-50 patients. However, as the epidemic grew, the patients began to pile up. Literally.

The population and the death count at Waverly Hills became so immense that bodies were eventually stacked at the exit to one of the underground tunnels. Trucks would come and remove the bodies, weather permitting.

The Sanatorium operated until 1961 when it was closed. There was no longer a need for a facility of its type, as antibiotics were being developed for use in newer, more modern hospitals. Visitors can tour the sanatorium today, and a few have recorded haunted videos on site. Watch this video for one example.

The Suicide Forest

The suicide forest in Aokigahara, Japan, is one of the most haunted forests in the world. It lies at the foot of Mount Fuji, and it’s the second most popular site for suicides on the planet.

The Japanese government has attempted to deter visitors to the forest from killing themselves. There are signs posted at the entrances, pleading with visitors to consider their families and to think twice before committing suicide. Once each year, during the holiday season, a team of volunteers enters the forest. Their goal? To remove as many of the bodies as they can.

As recently as 2010, at least 247 entered the forest to commit suicide. The exact number is unknown, as the forest is so overgrown that bodies sometimes are never recovered. It’s said that their spirits remain in the forest, and it’s the spirits of the lost which convince others to meet a similar fate.

This is only one of many haunted videos of the suicide forest. Admittedly, it’s a tame one. We found that many of the haunted videos of Aokigahara had language which was unsuitable for the Enfield haunting site. That said, you know where to look for videos. There is no small number of Aokigahara haunted videos available.

Deerpark CBS

This is one of the more recent haunted videos, and you may have seen it on your local news station.

To many kids, the prospect of attending school for 12 full years is terrifying. Imagine, then, that the school you’re meant to attend is haunted. A ghost was caught on camera in this Ireland school, and the haunted video quickly went viral. Since the time it was originally aired, another ghost was filmed in the same school.

Watch this haunted video and see what you think. It’s gotten a lot of criticism as the objects in the video only move in one direction. That is to say, it would be easy to pull off this prank using nothing more than a few pieces of string.

Cemetery Ghosts

We’ve talked about cemeteries on Enfield Haunting before. One would be inclined to think that cemeteries are particularly haunted places. In fact, they’re not. The people who are buried in cemeteries are typically at rest; their souls have found peace and their bodies have been lain in a final resting place.

But that’s not always the case. There have been many accounts of ghosts spotted in cemeteries. You’ll see these videos pop up on the news around Halloween, but you can find them throughout the year. They’re posted by people who are hunting for ghosts, and by those caught off guard by specters while they visited families.

This video clip is a compilation of five haunted videos. The ghosts were caught on camera in cemeteries around the world.

Haunted Videos of Hotels

Hotels are often haunted. Stories have been told of lovers who have thrown themselves from balconies, or women who have taken their own lives after the death of a child in a hotel. Sometimes, the spirits of those who have met a tragic end in hotels remain at the location. Guests of the hotels may not be aware of their presence until they’re awoken at night, or they spot an apparition at the top of a staircase.

Hotels are a favorite spot for ghost hunters, as well. Because they’re notorious for their paranormal activity, it’s common for paranormal investigators to set up camp at haunted hotels. This video is the result of just that. Two paranormal professionals visited the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah, Nevada. Watch the video to see what they found.

Are Haunted Videos Real?

It’s amazing what can be done with special effects. You’ve seen it in the movies, but now the tech is so accessible that even the average person can create haunted videos.

In some cases, haunted videos are obviously fake. They’re posted to sites like YouTube in an attempt to garner hits, publicity and popularity. But other haunted videos can’t be explained.

Are haunted videos real? There’s no way to tell. If the videos are real, it would prove that ghosts certainly aren’t camera-shy. The ghosts of Confederate soldiers have been caught on tape as well as children in graveyards and mysterious pedestrians who disappear into thin air. Even ghost ships have been supposedly caught on camera and you could spend hours looking at such videos on Youtube. We did.

Haunted videos have become a staple of pop culture, and even the mainstream news outlets are catching on. And while there’s no way to tell if haunted videos are real, they’re definitely fun to watch. And working out if they are fake or not is just part of the fun and one of the many reasons to enjoy watching these clips.