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Terms and Conditions

These terms should be read by all users of the EnfieldHaunting website before they engage with the website further. It will provide them with details on everything that we do here at EnfieldHaunting, from the way that we handle information and the information that we receive, to the relationships with have with affiliates.

The terms “we”, “our” and “this website” are used to refer to EnfieldHaunting.com and to its owners and operators. Our “Writers” are denoted as such and include full-time workers and part time contractors, while the terms “you” and “your” refer to the readers of this website.

General Information

EnfieldHaunting.com is a content site created with the goal of informing, educating and entertaining anyone interested in the Enfield Haunting and other ghost stories.

We work hard to ensure that the information we post on this site is an accurate representation of the real life story on which this site this site is based. However, due to the fact that we, on occasion, contract writers to write additional posts, there may be some mistakes from time to time. These can also result from research into incorrect information and from simple typographical errors and other errors that occur during the writing process.

At no point do we claim to have experienced these events first hand, nor do we known any of the people who were there. As a result, we ask all readers to understand that mistakes can and do happen and we can not be held responsible for any mistakes on this site that result in an incorrect portrayal of the events in question.

Opinion and creative writing also plays a role as one of the main goals of EnfieldHaunting is to entertain. So, readers are asked to understand that articles often express the opinions of the individual writers hired to work on that particular piece and they may not reflect the overall opinions of the owners and operators of the site.

Copyrights and Trademarks

We work very hard to ensure that everything posted on the EnfieldHaunting.com website was created exclusively for this site and has not previously been published anywhere else. We ask that all readers give our content the same respect that we give other content, and that they only use it (in partial or full form) when they have our express permission.

You may use the Contact Us page to request this permission. Anyone caught using the copyrighted material on EnfieldHaunting.com without that permission may be subject to prosecution. This includes our written content, but it also includes any layouts, fonts, images and even videos that have been created exclusively for this website.

Use of Other Copyrights

When we can not create original images or artwork, we will choose ones from the public domain. We always make sure that these are free of copyright and have yet to face any issues from copyright holders. However, if you believe that EnfieldHaunting.com has used your content without your prior permission, then please get in touch.

If it turns out that we, or one of our writers/developers has accidentally used copyrighted material without permission, then we will happily remove it. Just know that the majority of this material comes from royalty-free image and video sites such as Pixabay, so your issue may be with these sites and not with EnfieldHaunting.com.

Privacy Policies

We take the privacy of our readers very seriously here on EnfieldHaunting. That’s why this site has an SSL certificate, even though we are not an e-commerce site and do not take any sensitive information from our readers. To learn more about our privacy policies, including our stance on cookies, take a look at our Privacy Policy page.

Terms for Writers

If you are chosen to write for us and join our team, then you will be briefed beforehand about the terms and conditions of your employment. This employment will not be compensated, you may or may not be granted access to the website and everything that you write for EnfieldHaunting.com will be the sole property of that website for at least 6 months.

If you have any questions about this then please ask the editors during your initial conversation with them. We take on a very small number of writers and reject far more applications than we accept. So, please leave all questions you have about our writing program for when you have actually been invited to join.

Cost and Security

The information on the EnfieldHaunting.com website has been provided free of charge. There is no charge and there never will be. This site will not offer any kind of premium membership now or in the future and at no point will we ask for your financial information or your sensitive personal information.

If you see such requests on the EnfieldHaunting website then you may have clicked onto an advert, in which case you will have left this site for another. We have no affiliation with these sites beyond the placing of a link (which is often done through third-party programs) and can not access their finances, their terms or any other part of their website. So, exercise caution when you see these warning, know that they will never come from EnfieldHaunting.com and that each site has its own terms and conditions for you to read.


By using the EnfieldHaunting.com website you are giving your consent for the terms described on this page and on our Privacy Policy page. If this should not be the case then you may close this website down. Please contact us if you do and let us know what issues you had with these terms.

Changes to These Terms

If at any time we deem it necessary to change these terms, whether to correct small typographical and formatting errors, or to add/edit/remove terms, we reserve the right to do so without prior warning. We do not have any kind of membership program in place. We do not sell a product or a service and we do not have the contact details of our readers. As a result, such a waring is often not possible and will therefore only be given under extreme circumstances.