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How to Take Pictures and Videos of Ghosts (Get Real Photos)

Take Pictures and Videos of Ghosts

If you’ve been entertaining the thought of doing a bit of ghost hunting, you might be curious as to how to take pictures and videos of ghosts. There are paranormal experts on television that seem to have such fancy equipment. Do you need all that expense?

Before you begin, be sure to check out our article about the equipment that you’ll need before you go ghost hunting. Some people choose the basics, while others do spend a lot on ghost hunting tools. Then, once you’ve got your tool kit ready, read on to find out how to take pictures and videos of ghosts!

How to Take Pictures and Videos of Ghosts

Ready to learn how to record paranormal activity? First, you’ll need to do a bit of preparation. Safety comes first; not just from poltergeists, but also because there’s a chance you might be in a dangerous location. Know your surroundings before you go off to take pictures and videos of ghosts.

Be Prepared

The first and most obvious thing you’ll need to do is protect yourself. You need to be sure that you’re safe, physically, and that you’re not doing anything dangerous legally.

Once you decide on a haunted location, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the permission of the property owners to explore. Whether it’s an abandoned asylum or a haunted forest, check to make sure you won’t get in trouble just for being there.

Once you get permission, find out what’s available on site. Obviously, if you’re in the middle of the woods you won’t have access to electricity. But if you’re in a historic site, you might. Knowing what to expect will help you to prepare the equipment you need to take pictures and videos of ghosts.

Finally, be sure that you’ve got an emergency plan. Always carry flashlights, a first aid kit, and a cell phone. Ensure that someone knows where you are. If something happens to you, your friends and family will know where to look for you. And be sure that you’re wearing appropriate clothing. None of that high-heeled shoes stuff you see in the movies!

Set Up Your Equipment

Once you arrive on site, set up your equipment. This assumes that you’re familiar with your equipment, of course. For the best success, you should practice a trial run at home first. Who knows, maybe you have a ghost in your own kitchen!

Some people choose to set up their equipment and then leave the location. This can be effective, but you’re not as likely to take pictures and videos of ghosts if you’re not there. Instead, consider staying on site.

If you do stay, you’ll want to be very quiet and very observant. Higher end equipment was designed to pick up sounds and images that we can’t naturally see. But if all you’re using is a basic recording device, you’ll want to be sure to stay quiet.

Converse with the spirits that are supposedly haunting the site where you’ve set up. As questions, and try to establish a way to communicate. It could be that the presence can’t communicate with words, and you may have to use “yes and no” questions.

No matter what you do, if you have EVP equipment, be sure it’s running. Sometimes you won’t be able to hear a voice responding to your questions until you play back the recording.

You’ll also have to be mindful of the noises around you. If you hear something on a recording, you’ll need to know if it can be identified. For example, if your friend showed up at 8:00, you can dismiss the recorded sound as his truck door closing.

Choosing the Best Time to Record Ghosts

Record Ghosts

Movies and television would have you believe that the dark of night is the best time to take pictures and videos of ghosts. That’s not necessarily true. Many spirits are quite active during the day. For example, there have been many accounts of soldiers on Civil War battlefields, recorded in broad daylight.

Night does have its advantages, though. Of course, the most obvious is that it’s dark. You may be more likely to pick up images on infrared and thermal cameras at night because not much else is awake. Also, it’s quieter at night. Your EVP equipment will be able to “hear” things at night that it may not pick up otherwise.

If you know the identity of the spirit you’re trying to contact and record, you might choose a significant date. For example, the ghost’s birthday, the day of his death, or the day a crime was committed can be good times to set up your ghost hunting equipment.

Your own mental state will be important in choosing a time, too. Don’t try to learn how to take pictures and videos of ghosts after you’ve been using drugs, drinking alcohol or if you’re very limited in sleep. Being in a dark, supposedly haunted location can mess with your head, causing you to take unnecessary risks.

For best results, please consider bringing a friend on your ghost hunt with you. He or she can help you observe your surroundings, provide moral support if you’re nervous, and will be there in case of emergency or injury.

Reviewing Your Recordings

Congratulations! You’ve spent the night in a haunted house! Now you’re going to want to go back and review the pictures and videos of ghosts you hope you’ve found.

The first thing you’ll need is a pair of earphones. Want to listen with a friend? You can get audio splitters from big box stores like Walmart and Best Buy. In fact, it’s best if you do listen with a friend, so that you can compare notes on what you hear.

Hopefully as you were trying to record your ghosts on video, you were taking notes about the times that particular events occurred. For a refresher course, go back and read out article on the equipment you’ll need to go ghost hunting.

As you watch your recording, pay particularly close attention to the times that you recording strange events having taken place. Listen to your EVP recordings, watch your video closely, and see what you can find.

Those of you who are lucky will be able to take pictures and videos of ghosts easily: they’ll be obvious in your pictures! But for the rest of you, go through your recordings carefully; you never know what you’ll find!