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Real Haunted Houses in the United States (Genuine Scary Homes)

Real Haunted Houses in the US

We have covered the Enfield Haunting more than enough on this site and we’ve also covered some other well known hauntings in the UK and the US. There are many of these in recent history and for most of them, the houses where the hauntings took place still exist. These real haunted houses can be visited as tourist attractions, while others are abandoned and others still are home to families who may or may not have experienced hauntings of their own.

Villisca Axe Murder House, Iowa

Let’s be honest, with a name like that you know this is not going to be a pleasant slice of suburbia. This house has a rich and disturbing history, making it one of the most well known real haunted houses in the country.

This history began in 1912, when an entire family and two of their guests were beaten to death. The crime, which shocked this sleepy Iowa community, was never solved which means that the mass murderers who ended the lives of four adults and four children were never apprehended and made to pay for their crimes.

According to the believers. that injustice, along with the brutality, means there are a lot of angry ghosts in this house. You can actually spend the night here, but it’ll cost you several hundred dollars. Many have paid for this pleasure, which means that the brutal murders aren’t the only diabolical crimes to have taken place here.

Bell Witch Farm, Adams, Tennessee

This looks like an innocent and quaint farmhouse on the surface but it has a long history and is one of the most haunted houses in the state. It all dates back to a neighborly dispute about land. Kate Batts believed that her neighbor, John Bell, had cheated her following a land dispute. The story goes that she placed a curse on him, promising to haunt him forever after her death.

If the owners and visitors of Bell Witch Farm are to be believed, then Ms. Batts followed through with her threats and continues to haunt the farmhouse to this day. Apparently, she’s quite an angry ghost as well as there are reports of rather extreme poltergeist activity occurring here.

LaLaurie House, New Orleans, Louisiana

This house and the story behind it was recently thrust back into the public conscious thanks to American Horror Story: Coven. Located in the French Quarter, this house was owned by serial killing socialite Madame Delphine, who setup her very own torture chamber to end the lives of her many victims in brutal fashion.

It is those victims that are said to haunt this very real haunted house. Actor Nicholas Cage once owned it, but the bank foreclosed on him in 2009 and it is now said to be owned by an oil tycoon.

Haught Mansion, Brush Park, Michigan

In the 1940s this was an upscale brothel where everyone who was anyone (and everyone who was a little horny) went to get their kicks. But a lot has happened since those glory days. This house is now completely abandoned, standing as a dilapidated and imposing fixture on the Michigan landscape and drawing many visitors looking for cool snaps.

What makes this one of our real haunted houses is not just the fact that it looks a little creepy, but the fact there were many dead bodies discovered here, buried in the basement. It even featured in the Batman vs Superman film, which some would argue is the scariest role this house has ever played.

Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, Massachusetts

Real Haunted Houses in the United States

Everyone in the United States knowns the story of Lizzie Borden, who is said to have taken an axe and given her stepmother and father forty whacks. She is said to still haunt the house to this day, along with the ghosts of her parents.

The parents haunt the grounds of the house along with the ghost of a maid. And if you find that hard to believe then you can see it for yourself as the Lizzie Borden House is currently a museum and a Bed and Breakfast.

Joshua Ward House, Salem, Massachusetts

The Salem Witch Trials are one of the darkest times in the history of Massachusetts and the United States. A big player in those dark times was Sheriff George Corwin, who lived in this house. He is responsible for the deaths of many men and women who were executed for performing witchcraft.

He was known as “The Strangler” because of his chosen method of execution and many who have stayed at the house report to feelings of being strangled. There are also reports of strange noises and sightings. He’s not the only ghost in this real haunted house though as some of his victims are also said to stalk the hallways, perhaps looking for little justice and a lot of revenge.

Haunting in Connecticut House, Connecticut

Genuine Haunted Houses

This house is currently occupied by family that has not reported any suspicious activity. In fact if you talk to them people who have lived here before and after, as well as the people who have helped to buy, sell and lease the house in the past, the story that came out of The Haunting of Connecticut was a hoax.

That story was popularized in a book and then in a film of the same name. It follows the Snedeker family who reported all kind of strange goings on in the home, from walls that would bleed to being raped by demons in the dead of night.

Ed and Lorraine Warren, who we have covered before there on EnfieldHaunting, were both brought in to investigate and it is they who actually commissioned an author to write a novel about the house.

Los Feliz Murder Mansion, Los Angeles, California

This is a popular spot for lovers of the macabre who regular trespass on the grounds. It is from these people that we get the stories of hauntings, including all kinds of noises and poltergeist activity.

The house itself was home to Dr. Harold Perelson, who brutally murdered his wife in 1959, after which he injured his daughter and then committed suicide by drinking a glass of acid.