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Privacy Policy

EnfieldHaunting.com is a content site created to expand public knowledge of one of the most famous haunting cases in the United Kingdom, and indeed the world. This site publishes a number of articles on this subject and similar subjects, and it earns money by linking to relevant e-commerce websites.

However, EnfieldHaunting does not sell a product or a service. As a result, there is no need for us, the owners, to request any financial details from you, the reader. As discussed below, however, there are times when we will take other information from you. These privacy policies also cover other terms relating to your privacy when you use this site.

What you can not find here may be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Your Information: What we Take

We do not have any need for financial info and we will not, at any point in time, request this from our readers. Our affiliates may do, but these are not connected to EnfieldHaunting and its owners beyond a simple link, so you need to take up any privacy concerns you have with those affiliates.

You may have noticed that EnfieldHaunting has an SSL certificate in place. This means that the website is 100% secure, secure enough for an e-commerce website in fact. This is because we have contact forms on the website and even though these only transmit basic information, we still think it best that that information is kept secure at all times.

This information includes your name and your email address, as well as any message or other question that you have for us. This will be sent securely through our safe network and will arrive with either a head editor or owner, with the former dealing with writing submissions and the latter dealing with marketing.

Your Information: Why we Take It

We ask that you send us your email address when you are contacting us so that we know where to send a reply. We ask that you give us your name so that we know who to address that reply to. If you do not need a reply and just want a make a comment, you will still need to input these details as you will not be able to finalize the contact form without it. However, in such cases you are welcome to submit a fake email address and name, knowing that the recipient will understand that a reply is not needed.

At some point in the future we may also decide to launch competitions, newsletters and other basic forms that require equally basic information from our readers. In such cases we will still endeavor to keep all info we receive secure and we will never send periodic emails without the express permission of the recipient.

Your Information: How we Keep it Safe

In most cases, we keep it safe simply be deleting it when it is no longer needed. If you submit an application to write for us and we do not think that you are a good fit, then we may choose to delete that message straight away. The same applies when you use contact forms to send us a message or two ask us a question.

Sometimes, this information is stored away so that we have it on record. In these cases it will be kept securely on our private cloud server, where the website is hosted. A copy of it will also be kept in the mail program owned by the editor and owner. If you would prefer that your information was not stored, for whatever reason, then simply make a request and we will happily delete it from our database.

In all cases, you will never receive unsolicited advertising, or emails of any kind. Your information will also never be sold, traded, leased or given away. This means that we can guarantee your information will never be passed on and that once it arrives with us it will remain with us.

Our Cookies Policy

The EnfieldHaunting website uses cookies because we believe that these can help with the overall user experience. Cookies are safe and secure, merely serving to provide a link between the reader and the website. It is thanks to cookies that you know which articles you have read and which ones you haven’t, even when you haven’t visited the website for many weeks.

Not only does EnfieldHaunting use cookies, but so do many of the sites that we affiliated with and indeed the majority of content sites on the internet.


EnfieldHaunting.com is a content site, which means it does not make money from selling a product or service. However, the writers and designers need to get paid and we need to keep paying the web hosting bills as well, so we have placed a small selection of affiliate links around the website. These come in three main forms:

  • Adsense and Other Ad Networks: These adverts are chosen by Google and are based on the preferences of each individual user, as opposed to anything found on the website. This is an automated process that begins with us telling Google where we want those ads to show and ends with them paying us per impression or per click, depending on what the advertiser wants.
  • Lead Affiliates: These affiliates are especially chosen by us because they are relevant and we believe that they offer a product or a service that we think would be of interest to our readers. These affiliates reward us for interactions between our readers and their websites. However, readers should not take their inclusion on this site as an endorsement. We often take the advice of affiliate networks and widely available reviews when choosing who to work with and have never used the websites ourselves, so we can’t guarantee that it will operate exactly as it should.
  • Sponsorship: Finally, we also sell sponsorship on the website. In these cases we try to be more diligent, choosing only sites that are relevant and ones that we deem to be legitimate. But we do not carry out extensive checks and can not guarantee that the service offered or product sold will be 100% legitimate.

In all cases, we can not take any responsibility for anything that happens to a reader of EnfieldHaunting once they leave this website for one of our affiliates. Caution is advised and all readers should also seek the terms and conditions of each site before continuing.