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What is a Past Life Reading? (Process Explained in Full)

Past Life Reading

You’ve heard of psychic readings, but what is a past life reading? Even more importantly, what is a past life?

As with any theory, there are those who are skeptical and those who believe in past lives and reincarnation. Let’s look at the theory of reincarnation, then explore a bit about past life readings.

What is a Past Life?

Reincarnation has a few names. Some call it transmigration, others call it metempsychosis. All of these mean basically the same thing. These religions believe that, after the bodily death of a person, there is still an aspect of that person which remains.

In some religions, that part is the soul. In other, it’s the consciousness. And in still others, it’s a more vague “mind” that continues on. Regardless of the remaining presence, all agree that that presence does not die with the body.

Religions which hold reincarnation to be truth are generally those which were begun in Asia. However, reincarnation was held to be true by a majority of ancient religions. When Christianity was introduced in what is, relatively speaking, modern times, that changed slightly.

To put it gently, Christians forced religious ideals on many who held onto the belief in reincarnation. Examples of this can be seen as recently as the Puritans forcefully “convinced” the Native Americans that the soul either travels to heaven or hell. That there was no reincarnation.

Regardless of the modern Christian theologies, the belief in a past life dates back many thousands of years. Hinduism is the earliest religion known to man, and reincarnation is an important tenet of the Hindu belief system. The belief in a past life is one of the oldest beliefs in the history of humankind.


What is a Past Life Reading?

Let’s move away from ancient religions and talk instead about modern times. The idea of a past life is very comforting to some, for three reasons.

First of all, reincarnation gives hope for the future. It’s easier to lose a fear of death when you believe that your soul will return.

Secondly, it provides answers for the otherwise inexplicable. “Why do bad things always happen to me?” “Why can’t I have children?” Some who believe in reincarnation also believe that they, in this life, are paying for the sins or the good deeds committed in a past life (we’re sure a certain Mr Wilkins had plenty of those).

Thirdly, the idea of reincarnation provides comfort as it relates to loved ones. It might be easier to let go of an ailing parent, or cope with the loss of a stillborn child, if you believe that she will return in another form.

It’s easy to understand the appeal of reincarnation. We can believe that the bad things that happen to us are to teach us a lesson. We’re repaying debts that were accrued in a past life. And we’ve got as many chances as we need to get it right. If we aren’t able to repay those debts in this lifetime, there’s always the next.

But that doesn’t answer the question. What is a past life reading? Why would anyone want one? How are they done?

What is a Past Life Reading?

A past life reading is different from a psychic reading. A psychic reading aims to predict the future of a person, or at least to determine the forces which will determine the outcome of a person’s life.

So what happens during a past life reading? If you’re thinking of trying it out for yourself, you may want to know exactly what a past life reading entails.

First, you’ll meet with your reader. She will ask you questions, and this interview will usually last about an hour. She’ll want to know about your childhood, your family, your earliest memories and even your current health.

Readers say that this isn’t just a way to get to know you. Instead, it serves as a way to “prime” you for your past life regression. By beginning to think back to your earliest memories, your mind becomes more receptive to remembering the events which occurred even before that.

After your interview, you’ll be hypnotized. Your reader will encourage you to relax, close your eyes, and settle into a transient state of reflection. Your reader will then take information from your interview and assist you in reflection.

For example, if you scheduled a past life reading because of your fear of being along, your reader may ask you to concentrate on the though, “I’m alone.”

The outcome of a past life reading will be different for everyone. Many remember experiences from their past lives, others do not. Still others will remember a vague notion, such as being a member of the opposite sex, or being in a position of power.

After your session, your reader will help you to reorient, and will discuss your feelings and experience with you.

Are Past Life Readings Real?

In a way, past life readings can be considered a part of the supernatural. And, as with any supernatural topic, there are those who fully believe that past life readings are real. Others think they’re scams, made up by con artists to rip people off.

It was mentioned that reincarnation is a belief that dates back almost as far as humanity. It’s obvious that some religions did, and do, firmly believe that reincarnation is a real thing.

Whether or not someone can assist you in accessing information from a past life is something else entirely. Before you schedule your past life reading, be sure to fully vet your reader. Ask around, and read reviews.

A quick search of the internet will result in several dozen “online past life readings.” We don’t recommend those. If you believe that past life readings are real and you want to experience one for yourself, take the time to visit a reader in person.

Many have claimed to remember their past lives. Of course, just as many have claimed that past lives are nonsense. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure. In the meantime, why not get a past life reading and see what the “professionals” have to say?