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5 Paranormal Videos That Will Make You Believe (SCARY!)

Paranormal Videos

It’s probably fair to assume that most of us have witnessed something we can’t explain. Whether it be a light in the sky at night or a footprint where there should be none, inexplicable things occur every day. Sometimes, these events are caught on camera.

Now, we know that in the right hands technology can make the most mundane video scarier than even the most hellish horror film. But sometimes there’s not even a technological explanation.

Are you a skeptic? Here are 5 paranormal videos that will make you believe. You may also want to checkout our terrifying pieces on the Haunted Forest and Ghost Sightings.

Paranormal Video #1: The BabyCam

Australian mom Jade Yates was new to her home in Barongarook, so the installation of a baby monitor helped her to rest just a bit more easily. With the camera present, she could check on baby Ruth any time without disturbing her daughter’s sleep.

In February of 2016, Jade was sound asleep in her bedroom, completely unaware of what was happening in her baby’s nursery. Upon waking, she discovered something strange hovering over her child’s crib.

Of course, this is the 21st century, and she posted the video to Facebook. The video went viral, and both skeptics and believers were quick to comment.

Some were convinced that this was a guardian angel, protecting Ruby as she slept. Others saw in the image the figure of a “ghost” baby, and were touched that this child would be content beside a living friend. Still others, including Jade herself, were convinced that it was the spirit of an “attentive adult,” caring for Ruby while her mother slept.

Skeptics, of course, tore apart the video, claiming that it was someone with a low-level flashlight playing tricks for the camera. Viewers noted that it could have been a curtain, reflecting light, or an infant’s mobile, but Jade claimed none of these were in the room.

Paranormal Video #2: The Wingate Hotel

In 2003 Illinois, closed circuit television caught an inexplicable event on film and the recording is one of the most viewed paranormal videos on the web.

The front desk of the Wingate Hotel in Chicago had received several complaints about screaming and loud noises in room 209. Oddly, however, no one had been registered as a guest in that room, so hotel staff member John, was sent to check it out.

Arriving at the room, John heard screaming as well. In the video, we see him pause, likely hesitant to enter or even knock. But against advice from security to wait for the police, John enters the room with a flashlight. Soon after he disappears beyond the hotel room door, a figure is seen exiting the room and continuing down the hallway. Lights flicker.

John exits as well, and radios for security to call the police. There’s no one in the room, but the furniture had been upturned, the carpet had been torn up and the shower had been left on.

Paranormal Video #3: Gettysburg Ghosts

To put it simply, there’s something especially haunting about a place where many have died or been laid to rest. For instance, an abandoned hospital. A Native American burial ground. Or the Gettysburg Battlefield.

The Battle of Gettysburg of 1863 claimed over 7,000 Union and Confederate lives. So it’s no wonder that Devil’s Den, Triangular Field and Rose Farm, among others, are among the most popular sites in America for filming paranormal videos.

This video was taken from Wheatfield Road, about a mile from Triangular Field. Around the 1:00 mark, we can see what appear to be figures walking across the dirt road in the distance before disappearing. Of course, those could just be tourists.

Fast forward the footage to 2:25, when the camera is moved closer, and you may have second thoughts. Visitors to the site have also claimed to have heard and smelled horses, and distant drums have been heard by hundreds.

Paranormal Video #4: The Levitating Girl

A man and his dog, Tarzan, were out for a walk in the Russian woods. Why the man had his video camera, we’re not sure – perhaps he was a birdwatcher, or searching for Bigfoot – we’ll admit that it does seem a little suspicious.

But what they stumble on is, nonetheless, very unusual. Ahead of the man is a woman in an orange jacket who is, undoubtedly, watching a levitating girl. The girl in the pink jacket is around 5 feet off the ground, twirling and spinning in air. When the two hear Tarzan bark and his master approach, the girl abruptly drops to the ground, and the two flee.

The girl, of course, could be suspended by a thin rope or cable. But if you look closely at the video, even her jacket is floating. And when she drops to the ground, the pair are able to quickly leave the scene, “no strings attached.”

We’ve seen still footage of people who have supposedly levitated in the past. Janet Hodgson, for example. But none are so convincing as the girl in the Russian woods.

Paranormal Video #5: The Ghost Who Got Hit by a Car

In our final of the best paranormal videos that will make you believe, a figure rises up from the pavement, is hit by a car, and disappears (if you think that’s bad, wait until you see the Enfield Haunting Films or read Enfield Haunting Books).

In Malaysia, a driver was exiting a parking lot. It was a foggy night, so it would have been very difficult, even impossible, to spot a person under those conditions. The driver, in fact, reported that he saw nothing but heard and felt a heavy thud against his car.

Paranormal Video

He and the passenger exited the vehicle, obviously concerned, to look for the pedestrian. But they found nothing, and no damage to the vehicle. It was only upon checking the surveillance cameras later that he discovered what had happened.

There aren’t many valid explanations for this occurrence, but of course theories exist. Perhaps it was an “alien” with cloaking technology. Or maybe the figure was no more than a bird or other animal, disguised by the heavy fog.