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Enfield Haunting House (Then and Now; Is It Still Haunted?)

Enfield Haunting House

The Hodgson family home was supposedly haunted from 1977 to 1979. Peggy Hodgson lived with her four children in this social housing unit, and reported terrifying events. Many people wonder about the Enfield house today, and if the haunting location still sees any paranormal activity.

If you’re considering a trip to Enfield to see the Enfield haunting house, read on. Here’s everything you need to know about the Hodgson’s family home, and if you can pay a visit to the ghost of Bill Wilkins.

Where is the Enfield House (Haunting Location)

Despite having been such a high profile case, the Enfield Haunting location doesn’t receive much attention today. Frequently, ghostbusters and paranormal enthusiasts trek across their countries – perhaps even the world – to visit haunting sites. Such is not the case for the site of the Enfield haunting.

Now and then, the home gets mention in the media. The most recent of these times was when The Conjuring 2 was released in 2016. Janet and Margaret Hodgson came forward for a few interviews, and the house at Green Street was, once again, in the spotlight.

However, as far as paranormal activity is concerned, there hasn’t been anything reported since Janet Hodgson, her mother and her sister admitted to fabricating some of the Enfield haunting events. The Enfield house has never again been investigated, and no further reports of poltergeist activity have been reported.

Where is the Enfield Haunting House?

The Enfield haunting house is located at 284 Green Street, Enfield, UK. The home sites amongst other similar brick dwellings, and is nearby to an elementary school and other businesses one might expect to find in a neighborhood such as this one. A ten minute walk from a McDonald’s and a short drive from the nearby grocery store, there’s little unusual about the Green Street home.

Enfield itself is a borough of London, located in the northern outskirts of the city. With the exception of Janet Hodgson’s 10 year old brother, Johnny, the kids all attended public school.

The Hodgson family was well-acquainted with their neighbors, as well. Directly next door were Vic and Peggy Nottingham; Vic was among the first to survey the house when Peggy complained of inexplicable noises. At the beginning of the Enfield haunting, Vic and Peggy were very supportive of the Hodgson family. Reports state, however, that that support waned as the story dragged on.

Is the Enfield Haunting House Still Haunted?

For two years in the late 1970s, Janet Hodgson and her sister Margaret claimed that they had been afflicted with the presence, even possession, of the spirit of Bill Wilkins. The man had died in the home, and was said to have primarily targeted Janet.

As a result of what some thought was a possession and others thought were behavioral issues, Janet was brought for testing and admittance to a psychiatric hospital. Of course, no one knew whether Janet was truly afflicted or was affected by other, psychological issues. Whichever is the case, it’s said that Janet Hodgson was threatened with shock treatment, which was still widely used at that time. These reports say that when this threat was made, Janet admitted to making up the Enfield haunting.

That said, Janet and her family returned to the Enfield haunting house, and only one report of paranormal activity has been made since. In fact, Peggy Hodgson died in that home in 2003, almost 25 years after the Enfield haunting. Despite having reported being terrorized by a ghost, Janet also stayed on in the house until she was 16 years old.

The one report which was made was, coincidentally, by the son of a single mother to four children. The Bennets didn’t stay at the Enfield haunting location long; they were only there a few months. But the 15 year old, Shaka, reported having seen a ghost standing in his room one night. There were no other witnesses, and there was no other activity.

Is There Still an Enfield Poltergeist?

Enfield House
Proof of poltergeist activity is a tricky thing. Most skeptics will explain it away, while most who believe in the paranormal will take whatever proof they can get. So it’s difficult to say if the Enfield haunting house was even haunted in the first place.

However, it’s clear that there have been no real reports of paranormal activity at 284 Green Street since Janet underwent psychiatric care. And it would seem that this is true for many haunted houses.

As one example of this, the house featured in the story of A Haunting in Connecticut has seen no paranormal activity since the Snedeker family left. The family who now lives there claims the most unusual thing about the home is the beautiful woodwork.

The Amityville house on Long Island is another. Since the “Amityville horror” was a known hoax, it’s to be expected that no one has seen strange events in the home. That house recently went on the market for $850,000 and was bought for as much. Neither the previous owner, Caroline D’Antonio nor the new owners have reported strange activity despite the home having been a murder scene.

We can’t say for certain whether the Enfield haunting house is still, or ever was, haunted. There are too many conflicting stories about the Enfield haunting. Even Janet and Margaret Hodgson have stories which conflict with those they’ve told in the past. But it’s fairly certain that there is no longer an Enfield poltergeist. If the ghost of Bill Wilkins remains in the home, he’s been very quiet for 40 years.

Who Lives in the Enfield Haunting House?

Feel like you might want to visit Enfield and see the Enfield haunting location for yourself? Unfortunately, you can’t go inside. The house at 284 Green Street is still social housing, and is being rented by tenants who wish to maintain their privacy.

There are, however, several ghost tours in the London area which will take you by the Enfield house. These tours can be found throughout the city, but if you prefer, you can just take a stroll down Green Street yourself.