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Most Haunted Houses in London: Scary Stuff in the Big City

Most Haunted Houses in London

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to London to visit the site of the Enfield haunting, we’ve got bad news for you. The housing unit where Janet and Peggy Hodgson lived in the 1970s is still in private use. The most frightening encounter you’ll have there is with law enforcement.

But the most haunted houses in London are just a stone’s throw from the Hodgson home. You can tour some of these, and it may well be worth a visit to England. Here are the most haunted houses in London.

50 Berkeley Square

50 Berkeley Square is known to be one of the most haunted houses in London. Built in the 1700s, this house has been the home of a few notable figures – and remains the home of even more notable ghosts.

The most frequently spotted ghost lives in the attic of the home. She’s said to be a woman who had been abused by her uncle. Unable to continue on living in torment, she threw herself from the window of the top floor.

This troubled young lady has been seen posthumously. One account is a sighting by a Lord who stayed the night back in 1872. He was so sure he’d heard something that he fired his shotgun.

A group of sailors spent the night at 50 Berkeley Square in 1887. For some reason, they all became quite frightened and fled the house. One sailor died as he tripped in his exit.

Bruce Castle

Castles are some of the most haunted houses in London, as some have a deep history of war, sorrow and even torture. Bruce Castle in Tottingham is one of those castles.

Lady Constantia Lucy lived in the castle back in the 1600s, and her husband kept her locked up. We’re not sure why the matrial strife, but we do know that Lady Lucy jumped from the balcony of the castle, killing herself and her child.

The spirit of Lady Lucy is said to be more active in the late fall months. In particular, visit Bruce Castle in November for the best chance of spotting this specter.

Sutton House

Another of the most haunted houses in London, Sutton House plays host to quite a few spirits. The house itself is very old, dating back to the early part of the 16th century. It was only recently that Sutton House was renovated, and it’s now open for tours.

As you might expect, there have been many people who have died in Sutton House. There are two ghosts in particular who make themselves known to visitors of the home. The first is the “White Lady,” who’s said to be a 16th century mother who died giving birth to twins.

The other commonly spotted spirit is that of wool merchant John Machell. He and his dogs remain on the Sutton House property and the dogs are especially vocal. Living dogs won’t go near the place.

The Georgian House Hotel

Haunted London

This was more of a “group home,” but is still one of the most haunted houses in London. Comparatively speaking, the hotel isn’t that old. It was built in the 18th century. But it served as a home for soldiers and saw its fair share of death.

Visitors to the Georgian House Hotel would be warned to steer clear of rooms 10 and 12. Unless, of course, you’re looking to encounter the spirits of soldiers who have passed.

There’s a man in a pin striped suit who wanders the halls, too. Unfortunately for those trying to catch a nap, he likes to slam doors and cause things to fall from the shelves on the wall.

Think you might want to give it a go? You can book a room for about $175 per night in US currency.

Hampton Court Palace

Hoping to meet a dead queen? Look no further than the Hampton Court Palace. Catherine Howard has been spotted here, dressed in white. She floats along until she reaches the door to the Royal Pew. Then, she’ll turn around and scream before going through the door.

Jane Seymour (the queen, not the actor) has also been seen at Hampton Court Palace. She was the third wife of Henry VIII, who died in childbirth. She was giving birth to Prince Edward.

Prince Edward no longer resides at the Hampton Court Palace, but his nurse does. Sibell Penn was nurse to the little prince until she died in Hampton church. The church was renovated, and her remains were reportedly disturbed. She now haunts the Hampton Court Palace.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London isn’t only one of the most haunted houses in London, it’s also one of the most haunted in Europe. There are many stories of torture and violence surrounding the Tower’s history. It’s no surprise that many ghosts remain to haunt the location.

First, there are the two princes. They were declared illegitimate by Parliament, and were subsequently locked in a tower. The poor boys were left there to die and it wasn’t until renovations occurred that their little skeletons were found under a staircase.

Queen Anne Boleyn also still haunts the Tower of London. This is where she was executed, and visitors to the Tower have seen her in the chapel, intact. Less fortunate visitors have spotted her headless apparition within the Tower itself.

Henry VI has been seen in the Tower of London. Imprisoned during the 1471 War of Roses, he often took to praying. It was while he was kneeling in prayer that he was fatally stabbed numerous times in Wakefield Tower.

Margaret de la Pole is yet another ghost in the Tower of London. She was meant to be executed in 1541. However, she had other plans. As the executioner raised his arms to deliver the fatal blow of the axe, Margaret de la Pole ran. The executioner chased her, gruesomely hacking at her until she was, in fact, dead.