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Best Haunted House Attractions (Halloween Scares Across the United States)

Best Haunted House Attractions

We have covered a lot of UK hauntings here on Enfield Haunting. After all, the name of this site is taken from a famous London haunting story, so it only makes sense. But we’re an international site, with intentional owners and readers, so it’s time to put the United States in the spotlight. Here are some top haunted house attractions that you can find across the United States.

The perfect event for Halloween, some of these attractions are also open in the months before and after, but don’t expect any summertime scares, as these are strictly fall/winter attractions.

Fright Dome, Circus Circus

If you have a fear of clowns then you might want to give this one a miss, because it won’t be a comfortable night for you. The Fright Dome is one of the best haunted house attractions in Nevada and takes place in Circus Circus, Las Vegas from the end of September through to the end of October.

There is a five acre space here, with every inch of it turned into a spooky, knees-jingling and underwear-changing paranormal emporium. There are some connections to famous horror films as well and in previous years this has included the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

For the ultimate test of nerve be sure to checkout their Isolation House. This is strictly a one-person-only affair, which means you can’t hold onto a partner’s hand or hide behind a friend.

The House of Shock, Jefferson, Louisiana

Many haunted house attractions only open in and around Halloween and this is one of them. It is open throughout October, with the best nights being on Halloween itself.

The house has a heavy metal feel. This music genre that has always been closely associated with horror, from the early dark and foreboding days of Black Sabbath through to the Satanist tropes found in music by Slayer and Marylyn Manson, right up to bone-chilling horror music videos from bands like Slipknot (The Devil In I being a great example).

This haunted house attraction brings together these two worlds. It counts the former lead singer of Pantera, Phil Anselmo, as one of its founders and it has been a huge hit with the hard rock and heavy metal community, not discounting everyone here at Enfield Haunting.

The Ghostly Manor, Ohio

This is one of the only haunted house attractions that runs all year long. It can be found in Milan Road Sandusky, Ohio, next to a skating rink that is popular with kids and families alike. Described as an “old-school” haunted house, there are no grand technological effects– it’s gore, it’s great acting and it’s fantastic make-up, just what a haunted house should be.

The house takes you through a twisting maze, keeping you trapped and forcing you to face the scares head on, never quite knowing what is around the corner or just what will jump out at you. And things will jump out on you, because jump scares are something that The Ghostly Manor does very well.

If you have a weak heart (or bladder) then you might want to give this one a miss.

Halloween Horror Nights, Orlando

This is somewhat of an old-school haunted house attraction as well, but with the money and the class that comes from owning one of the biggest theme park attractions in the world. Halloween Horror nights is one of the most popular haunted house attractions in the country, a hotspot for locals and tourists alike and on that all of the family (providing they are over 13) can enjoy, if you enjoy getting the wits scared out of you, that is.

This attraction runs from the middle of September to early November, peaking in and around Halloween. One of the best things about this attraction is that it features a host of classic horror movie villains, from evil slashers like Michael Myers, to the bad guys from From Dusk Till Dawn and the zombies from The Walking Dead.

A big hit with movie fans and Halloween fans alike.

The Scarehouse in Pittsburgh

Best Haunted House Attractions in the US

There are several different sections of this Scarehouse, covering all angles and leaving you in dire need for a clean pair of underwear by the time you make it to the other side. There are ghouls, there are zombies and there is even a section that covers the darker side of 1930s society. It sounds a little bizarre, but it all comes together beautifully and this is a fantastically creepy haunted house attraction.

Just make sure you leave the kids outside if you plan on descending to the basement, because this is when things get really scary. They provide a full, hands-on haunted experience that will give you a taste of what it was like to be imprisoned in a dark, dingy dungeon.

The only issue with the Scarehouse is that there is no parking onsite. However, the Pittsburgh Zoo is nearby and you can just park there as many visitors to this haunted house do.

Other Haunted House Attractions:

There are so many more attractions that we haven’t covered because we’re limited on space and don’t want to bore you. But to make sure we give all that deserve it a mention, here are some more of our favorite haunted house attractions in the United States:

Bennett’s Curse: Located in Baltimore, Maryland, this one runs from late September to early November. It takes place in a huge hangar, with all kinds of ghostly things going on. And just like The House of Shock, there is a heavy metal vibe throughout.

The Abyss at Lemp Brewery: This only opens for the month of September and takes place in St. Louis, Missouri at Lemp Brewery.

Thrillvania Haunted House Park: Opens from early October and shuts early November, this is a Texas haunted house that tells the stories of paranormal encounters and always has a few scares in store.

Erebus: This Michigan haunted house opens for over 6 weeks and takes you an extended walkthrough. In fact, it holds a record for being the longest haunted house attraction in the world, taking you 45 minutes to get from one end to the other!