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The Best Halloween Ghost Hunts in the United Kingdom

Halloween Ghost Hunts in the UK

Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy a ghost hunt and this list of Halloween ghost hunts is the best way to get your annual scare fix on October 31st. These are all available in the United Kingdom, but we also have info on ghost hunts in other parts of the world.

So, if you like nothing more than to scare yourself witless on Halloween then take a look at these UK Halloween ghost hunts.

Halloween Ghost Hunt in Gresley Old Hall, Derbyshire

Located in Gresley Old Hall, this is a reasonably priced Halloween ghost hunt that takes place on the scariest night of the year. It sells out quick, so make sure you book early if you want to get on the list.

Gresley Hall is a haunted home with one of the scariest histories in the United Kingdom. It has been a home for many families and, if the legends are to be believed, some of these an still be seen patrolling the corridors and the grounds. A hotspot for paranormal researchers and ghost hunters, Gresley Hall was built back in 1543 with stones taken from a abandoned priory.

It has been a factory, a farm and a home and much of the house has been untouched for over two hundred years. If stories are to be believed then you can hear whispered conversations and see strange lights. So, book a visit to this haunted location on Halloween to see if you can help to uncover the secrets of Gresley Old Hall.

Halloween Ghost Hunt in The Park Hotel, Morecambe

Just like Chillingham Castle, which we covered in our Best Ghost Hunts in the UK guide, this haunted hotspot is an active hotel and you can spend the night there if you dare.  It took on a new owner in 2017 and they have looked to setup all kinds go Halloween ghost tours and paranormal events ever since, taking advantage of this hotel’s spooky history and its reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in the United Kingdom.

It is described as being “frozen in time”, which makes it perfect for ghost hunters seeking to explore a piece of history and maybe to see a few of the previous occupants. These events tend to begin a few days before Halloween. It looks like they organize it on the closest weekend to Halloween. So, if it doesn’t fall on a weekend, then you’ll have to get your creep fix a few days before.

Halloween Ghost Hunt, Lancashire

Also taking place over the weekend around the 31st, this Halloween ghost hunt is not actually that far from the Park Hotel. This one takes place in Lancaster Castle, which is actually one of the most haunted castles in the UK and one that stages ghost hunts all year round.

You will pay a little more for this one. At last check they were charging £65 for a ticket, but for that you will get a full night of ghost hunting in a grand, historic location. Although no one really knows for sure, the castle is believed to have been built on the site of an old Roman fort in 1150. Over the years it has been a prison and a fort, with countless souls departing this world at the castle.

Over a dozen Catholics were murdered here for their beliefs, witches were executed for their supposed crimes, and many people were also sentenced, imprisoned and eventually transported to Australia, where they would help to establish a new life Down Under. here are many stories of ghosts and paranormal activity, which is why so many ghost hunters are eager to be a part of this event every Halloween.

Halloween Ghost Hunt on Hangman’s Hill Epping Forest

If you want something a little different, a little more exposed and a lot creepier, then this Halloween ghost hunt is ideal. It takes place in Epping Forest, which is creepy enough as it is, but gets a whole lot worse during the night. This ghost hunt takes place from 9:30pm through to midnight. It is a walk through the forest and across Hangman’s Hill.

As with many other Halloween ghost hunts, the event takes place on a weekend, so if Halloween doesn’t fall on a Saturday or a Sunday then it will be a few days before. This event is also a lot cheaper than many of the others covered here, just make sure you wrap up warm.

Halloween Ghost Hunting in Guys Cliffe House

Best Halloween Ghost Hunts in the UK

Said to be one of the most haunted locations in the United Kingdom, Guys Cliffe, in Warkwickshire, was built in 1751 but its ghostly activity derives from when it was used as a hospital during the First World War. During this time hundreds of wounded soldiers passed through the house, many of which were nursed back to full health, some of which passed away.

The house was sold several decades later and the plan was to convert it into a hospital, expanding on the work that had been done at the turn of the 20th century. But those plans never materialized and eventually the house was leased out to the Freemasons.

As you can imagine, a lot of the history that follows is very secretive, and this only adds to the enigma that is Guys Cliffe House. The house itself is not in great condition, as a fire ravaged large parts of it, but this actually adds to the history of the house as the fire broke out during filming of an episode of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in 1992. Great for film fans.

Post-Apocalyptic Fantasies in Kelvedon Hatch

This is a “Secret” bunker located in Essex. It is one of the most exclusive Halloween ghost hunts in the country and there is also an option to spend the night, if you dare. Located in Brentwood, Kelvedon is a nuclear bunker that was built in 1952 during the height of nuclear hysteria triggered by the Cold War.

The bunker is completely hidden from view and while there are no reports of great suffering and death in the history of this location, it is one of the creepiest locations you will ever come across. It’s also the ideal ghost hunt for all you Fallout fans who secretly get a kick out of the post-apocalyptic aesthetic.