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Ghost Sightings: The Most Believable Real-Life Stories (Paranormal, Spirits)

Ghost Sightings

Stories of ghost sightings aren’t at all uncommon. Think about it. The number of humans who have lived and died on this planet is virtually immeasurable. It’s a wonder we’re not stepping on the toes of a ghost every time we cross the room.

Of course, accounts of ghost sightings vary in nature. Some are bizarre, some downright chilling, and other are, quite frankly, literally unbelievable – a conception of a vivid imagination. Fake accounts do exist, but some sightings are unexplainable for different reasons.

Here are a few of the most believable ghost sightings from around the world.

The Pink Lady – Asheville, North Carolina

The Grove Park Inn is located in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville, known for its fall foliage and craft beers, draws many visitors each year, and the Grove Park Inn has hosted such guests as Harry Houdini, Anthony Hopkins and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The Grove Park Inn was opened in 1913, and in the century following has become renowned for its world class accommodations. It’s also become famous for frequent ghost sightings.

The resident specter of the Grove Park Inn is the Pink Lady. Named for the way in which she presents herself to guests, she usually appears as a pink mist, but has also been known to materialize in full form wearing a pink ball gown. A kind woman, she’s often been reported to have played with children, but guests have also noted her propensity for mischief. Personal belongings have been moved, or guests’ feet have been tickled.

It’s unclear who the Pink Lady is, or was. The most popular theory is that she is the spirit of a young woman who died in the 1920s – a young servant girl, involved with her employer, became pregnant. Upon his discovery of this, the man of the house pushed the woman from the 5th floor balcony to her death during her stay in room 545.

The Cooneen Ghost – County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

A widow named Bridget Murphy, her son and her five daughters lived in a home in Northern Ireland in the early 20th century. The widow’s husband had died in an accident shortly before the family began experiencing strange events. First, the knocking on the door to find no one there upon answering. Then, the heavy footsteps in the hay storage room above the home.

Eventually, the family enlisted the help of neighbors to investigate. It was then that the paranormal visitor became more active. Plates and pots were thrown about the kitchen as the family sat at the table. Beds were lifted inches from the ground. Strange shadows would appear on the walls.

The haunting continued until the family gave a priest, Father Coyle, permission to perform two separate exorcisms. Unfortunately, neither worked and the family was forced to leave their home. Mrs. Murphy and her family chose to emigrate to America in 1913, where one of the daughters spent the rest of her life in a mental institution.

Some say that the Cooneen ghost is the spirit of a man who was murdered in the home prior to the Murphys’ arrival. Others say that the poltergeist was the husband of Mrs. Murphy. Regardless of the identity of the spirit, visitors to the home say that even now, something is “not right” about the house.

Both curious explorers and renowned paranormal investigators report a sense of unease at the home, as if an angry presence is letting them know that they are not wanted there.

Monte Cristo Homestead – New South Wales, Australia

Ghost Sightings Australia

The Monte Cristo Homestead is home to some of the most believable ghost sightings in the world, perhaps because of the number of tragedies which took place there.

From the time it was built in 1885 until 1948, the Crawley family lived in the Monte Cristo. During that period, the family witnessed more deaths than do most families. First, a young child was dropped from the stairs. A maid also fell to her death when pushed from the balcony of a home. A stable boy was burned to death.

The home’s caretaker lived on premises with his son and his wife. His son, Harold, was mentally ill, and was discovered chained up in the cottage, curled up beside the body of his mother. Harold was taken to a mental institution where he died soon after.

Following the deaths of the Crawleys, another caretaker was shot and killed in the home. The home is still a private residence, but every owner of the home has agreed: the ghost sightings are real. The families have photographs which show a maid in a mirror’s reflection and other shadowy figures.

These photos, of course, may or not be real. But the Ryan family, which has owned the home for around 50 years, ran tours of the property. Guests assert that they, too, have seen the reflections, experienced ghost sightings, and even felt hands on their bodies.

Ghost Sightings: Real or Unreal?

Ghost Sightings Real

If you’re a skeptic, it’s easy to believe that the most believable ghost sightings are a product of mass hysteria, or of the power of suggestion. Specters, demons and poltergeists are, if you consider the number of dead since the beginning of history, very infrequent.

If you’re a believer in the afterlife or of the paranormal, it’s quite simple for you to believe that ghost sightings are real. That the spirits of the deceased return to the world of the living, and sometimes make themselves known to us.

In the case, for example, of the Enfield Haunting, critics would accuse Janet Hodgson of being nothing more than a pint-sized trickster, seeking attention. That Peggy Hodgson was an accomplice to the girl’s fraud, and that Bill Wilkins was a figment of their collective imagination.

Until science exists which will allow us to prove the existence of ghosts, there will always be skeptics and there will always be critics. But the truth of the matter is that ghost sightings will also continue to remain. And whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, some of these stories are quite believable.