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Ghost Hunting Tools and Other Equipment (Become an Expert)

Ghost Hunting Tools

Think you have what it takes to be a ghost hunter? Want to start a professional organization like Ed and Lorraine Warren? Do you think you could do better than Guy Lyon Playfair and Maurice Grosse? You’re going to need to know about the ghost hunting tools and other equipment ghost hunters use when they’re on the job. Read on to find out what you’ll need to get started as a professional (or amateur) ghost hunter.

Ghost Hunting Tools and Other Equipment

There are hundreds of online shops which sell ghost hunting tools and other equipment. It would be easy to go all out, spending a fortune on equipment for what might prove to be a fruitless night of searching. So before you go, here’s a basic list of things you’ll need for your first attempt at a supernatural encounter.

1. A digital camera.

It’s no secret that ghosts like to appear on camera, even when you’re not looking. You’ll want to be sure to have a good digital camera along on your ghost hunting trip. Be sure you have plenty of backup batteries, as spirits are known to draw from the energy produced by electronics. Your camera doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and some ghost hunters have had success even with something as simple as an iPhone!

2. A flashlight.

Don’t get caught in the dark! Be sure to bring flashlights along with you. You can’t rely on just the electricity in the location, as lights will sometimes flicker, or go out entirely. Bring a few flashlights to avoid being stuck, and for your own safety.

3. Candles or lanterns.

If you’re feeling particularly nervous, you may want to consider bringing along a source of light which doesn’t depend on batteries. Candles or lanterns will do just fine. Just be sure to be careful!

4. A first aid kit.

This one goes without saying. There are a hundred reasons why you’re at risk of injury, and not all of them are paranormal activity. You may be in an old building, and it may be dark. You never know what you may encounter. The best collection of ghost hunting tools and other equipment contains a first aid kit.

5. A watch and a notebook.

Bring along an analog watch, so that you can record any occurrences. You’ll want to make note of the times they occur.

6. An EVP recorder.

It’s not absolutely necessary, as some ghosts’ voices will manifest on a normal video camera. But a electronic voice phenomena recorder is an excellent tool to bring with you. Believe it or now, you can actually buy these on Amazon, and some get very good reviews.

7. Your cell phone!

Like your first aid kit, this should be a no-brainer. Bring your cell phone along with you in case of an emergency. It wouldn’t hurt to have a charging block with you, too. These are inexpensive and can charge your cell phone in case there’s no electricity.

What is Ghost Hunting Equipment?

So what is ghost hunting equipment? When you think of ghost hunting equipment, do you visualize the Ghostbusters, with their proton backpacks? You don’t need all that. Ghost hunting equipment is a basic grouping of the tools you’ll need to find, and usually attempt to record, paranormal activities.

Do you need ghost hunting equipment? No, not really. You could technically visit a haunted house and experience paranormal activity with no equipment at all. But having ghost hunting equipment with you can help you for two reasons.

First, obviously, you can record the activity. Nothing could be worse than having the closest spiritual encounter of your life, but no way to prove it to anyone. Bringing recording equipment can help eliminate that possibility.

Secondly, you’re sometimes more likely to catch that activity with the use of a camera or a electronic voice recorder. Sometimes these tools can pick up on activity that you can’t with your own senses.

Most ghost hunters do recommend that you have at least a few basic, electronic tools for ghost hunts.

How Much Should You Pay for Ghost Hunting Tools?

Ghost Hunting Equipment

If you’re wondering how much should you pay for ghost hunting tools, that just depends on your budget. You can get by with just an iPhone and a brave spirit. But if you have the bank account to support it, you can spend much, much more.

You can spend upwards of a few thousand dollars on a good video camera, complete with tripod. You may also choose to buy an electromagnetic field radiation detector. These can run as low as $30 bucks, but good ones cost as much as $400.

Thermometers, motion detectors, advanced camera systems and infrared cameras are all optional ghost hunting tools. The amount that you spend is completely up to you!

Ghost Camera: Best Camera for Catching Ghosts

As we mentioned, ghosts aren’t camera-shy. And it’s true that you can just as easily catch a ghost on your GoPro as you can on the most advanced equipment. But there are cameras which have special features which can assist.

The best camera for catching ghosts is, simply, one which has a high resolution. What could be worse than getting home to view your footage and everything is grainy? Your work is all but wasted.

But when you’re shopping for a ghost camera, you can also check out a few other features. Infrared cameras will use night vision to help detect motion and other activity. They use light from a higher frequency range, and can be invaluable ghost cameras.

Thermal cameras are ghost cameras which record heat, or the absence of it. You see these very frequently on ghost hunting shows; they’re the images which are usually in reds, yellows and oranges.

Finally, consider bringing along a film camera. A film camera can be used in conjunction with a digital camera, giving you a wide range of options.

How to Record Ghosts

If you’re curious as to how to record ghosts, there’s no one set way to do it. There are, of course, basic steps: get your equipment, find a haunted house, and get to work!

Some people choose to set up digital equipment, then leave. Others choose to stay at the haunted location and interact with any spirits which may be there. Whichever method you choose, remember that you may not capture ghosts on camera every time. If you don’t, don’t give up! Try again! The better you learn your ghost hunting equipment, the more chance you’ll have at recording a ghost on camera.