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Ed Warren: Great Ghost Hunter (Enfield Haunting, Lorraine and Annabelle)

Ed Warren

The Enfield Haunting reportedly took place over the course of well over a year. During that time, many investigators were called in to research the events. Police, societies which specialized in paranormal investigation and the media were all enlisted. Neighbors came to help, as did independent researchers who were curious about the events.

Of these independent investigators, perhaps the name most widely recognized is Ed Warren. Warren and his wife, Lorraine, feature prominently in the movie The Conjuring 2, and their names come up frequently in debate of the Enfield haunting.

It’s been noted by those close to Janet Hodgson and the rest of the Hodgson family that the Ed Warren and his wife may not have had as much involvement in the case as the media suggests. But this husband and wife team was quite involved in paranormal investigation nonetheless, and we would be remiss not to provide information about the couple.

Ed Warren’s Story

Ed Warren Miney was born on September 7, 1926 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Bridgeport is a typical New England town; it’s most well known for producing P.T. Barnum and the Subway restaurant chain. Also common to central New England, the population of Bridgeport is largely religious, a majority of the residents identifying as Catholic.

Despite this small town, religion-influenced upbringing, however, Ed Warren was always interested in the paranormal. And Ed Warren’s interest began at a very young age. Warren claims to have grown up in a haunted house in Connecticut. He referred to a ghost who lived in the closet of his Bridgeport bedroom – an old woman who would appear to him in the early hours of the morning.

Despite his young age at the time of this haunting, Warren would attempt to convince himself of a logical explanation. But his interest did not waver, and he maintained a strong interest in the paranormal throughout his life.

Ed Warren met Lorraine Rita Moran when he was just 16 years old. They were married just four months after his 17th birthday.  As did most young men in the late 1930’s, Warren served in World War II. Upon his return, he pursued a career as an artist, but his interest in hauntings never wavered.

Lorraine and Ed Warren would frequently visit haunted sites. It was through their mutual interest in the paranormal that the couple eventually founded the The New England Society for Psychic Research in 1952.

The New England Society for Psychic Research

Warrens' and the Enfield Haunting

The New England Society for Psychic Research is the oldest paranormal research organization in New England. Because of your interest in the Enfield haunting, you’re probably already familiar with Lorraine and Ed Warren. But you may not be aware that they were involved in many other investigations than the haunting in Enfield.

Ed Warren and his wife investigated spirits and demonology together for over 50 years. Authors to many books chronicling their experiences, they became renowned as the world’s two leading demonologists.

Over the course of those 50 years, Lorraine and Ed Warren delved into many notable hauntings; whether you’re a believer in the paranormal or a devout skeptic, you’ve likely heard of the cases. Here are just a few of the over 10,000 cases the team investigated.


Before The Conjuring 2, Lorraine and Ed Warren were best known for their investigation of Amityville. The Amityville haunting followed the 1974 mass murder of 6 family members by Ronald DeFeo, Jr. Just a year after the slayings, the Lutz family purchased the Long Island home, and a series of bizarre events occurred.

The Snedeker House

Another of the most widely known hauntings investigated by Ed Warren and his wife was that of the Snedeker house. The Snedeker house was a former funeral home, where it’s reported that funeral directors engaged in necromancy with the deceased. When the funeral home was shut down, it was converted to a duplex.

The Snedekers moved into the duplex and reported events they deemed inexplicable. Sexual assaults were among them, but the violent behavioral changes in the oldest Snedeker child were what drew the Warrens’ attention.


Ed Warren Annabelle

Annabelle is the name of the 7 year old girl whose spirit supposedly resides in this innocent looking doll. At first, Annabelle would be in slightly different positions from where her owner had left her. Before long, Annabelle was in different rooms entirely.

Donna and her roommate would eventually find notes, reportedly scribbled in a child’s handwriting, but it was when they found blood on the doll which could not be explained that they called for a medium.

When Did Ed Warren Die

Ed and Lorraine Warren

Those interested in learning more about the investigations of Lorraine and Ed Warren will find more information on their website. Ed Warren is now deceased; he died at his home in 2006. Lorraine Warren has retired from paranormal investigation, but the The New England Society for Psychic Research still exists. It is now run by their son-in-law, Tony Spera.

The New England Society for Psychic Research owns The Warren’s Occult Museum. However, those wishing to visit the home where Annabelle and other “artifacts” reside will have to wait. The museum is currently closed due to zoning regulations.

How Did Ed Warren Die

Prior to his death in 2006, Ed Warren had been experiencing poor health. In 2001, he awoke to let the family cat inside, and collapsed on the floor of his home. Paramedics restarted his heart, but he remained in a coma for 11 weeks. He never regained speech.

Ed Warren: Official Cause of Death

Ed Warren died in his home on August 23, 2006. According to all accounts, Ed Warren passed away peacefully of natural causes.