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Directory: Best Sites on Haunting and More

We firmly believe that we are the best source of information on the Enfield Haunting. We have the domain after all, so it’s only right. However, there are many more great sites out there that relate to hauntings and also touch on this case.

These sites have a lot of solid info and well researched articles. You can also find great pictures and videos, some of which will give you a glimpse of what is said to be the “real deal”. If you are interested in taking a look at these sites then checkout this directory.

If you would like to add your own site to it and think it is a good fit, then take a look at the details on our Contact Us and Write For Us page before sending us details of your site.

List of Haunted Locations: Wikipedia gets a lot of stick. Some of that is justified, because there are many users who just mess around and update the site with jokes, hoaxes and inaccuracies. But that’s one of the issues with having a user-edited encyclopedia and when you consider that the vast majority of articles are accurate and informative, it’s a side effect that we are happy with.

There are a few top Wiki pages that we recommend you look at and this is one of the best. We used this page as a foundation for a site we built that covered the most haunted locations in the world. We had a lot of fun doing it and we were very grateful to this Wikipedia article. If you are interested in learning about the most haunted locations in your country, wherever that may be, then take a look for yourself.

Haunted Historical Sites: There are many historical sites that are apparently haunted. It only makes sense when you think about it. After all, if what they say about ghosts is true and they cling on to the energy left in their place of death, then these should be hotspots for ghosts.

This is a topic that is addressed by the Washington Post in what we found to be a very informative and interesting article. Take a look for yourself. Obviously, because it is the Washington Post you should know not to expect them to be embracing of the idea that ghosts exist and they are even more skeptical than we are. But still, it’s a good read and there is a lot of solid info here.

Penn State Project: Penn State University has become a somewhat unofficial expert on ghosts and ghost hunting. This is where many projects on haunting and ghosts take place, covering everything with the studious eye of a high quality and hugely respected US university.

This article can introduce you to their work and to their previous projects. But we would recommend taking a closer look at the stuff that they have done in the past.

Ten Haunted Sites: Another widely respected newspaper, The Guardian is a great source for topical info. It is often very political and high-brow, but it’s a great read for all, with a focus on liberals.

However, your political persuasion doesn’t matter where this link is concerned because there is a lot of good information here regardless. It focuses on the ten most haunted locations around the world. If you have read about haunting for any length of time, like we have, then you will likely know of most of these. But there could be a couple of surprise ones here. After all, the “most haunted” term is subjective, so these lists are always likely to be a little different.

Eerie Images: This is an apparent picture of a ghost, which was snapped in Australia. This is from the Daily Mail, which is one of the largest newspapers in the United Kingdom. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that it makes these pictures legit.

Regardless of where you live, you may already have a good idea of who the Daily Mail are and what they do. If not and if you are American, just think of them as the British version of Fox. Still, all of that controversy aside, these are some interesting pictures and there is a good story behind it. Just make sure you don’t sneak a look too late at night, because you will probably creep yourself out, we certainly did.

Our Obsession with Ghosts: This article comes courtesy of the Open University, an online learning center in the United Kingdom that can always be relied on to provide great content. This is obviously written from the point of view of someone who doesn’t believe, but they are not really skeptical and take a scientific point of view.

Plus, the point of this piece is not to argue the existence of ghosts one way or another, but instead to focus on the reasons we are so obsessed with them and why we are so keen for them to be real, even when there is no proof that they are.

Ghost Pictures: Whether you believe or not, there is a good chance that you are drawn to ghost pictures. We all are. There are three types of people in the world. There are those who believe and get both excited and scared by these pictures; those who probably don’t believe, but are interested and a little scared by them; and those who definitely don’t believe and just like to look at them so they can moan.

Whatever group you are in, these ghost pictures provided by ThoughtCo will give you plenty of talking points and will ensure you can while away the next ten minutes staring in awe, disbelief and wonder at them. There are many ghost pictures out there and the vast majority are dubious at best, but these are some of the more believable ones.

Of course, there are some pictures here that you will have likely seen before. That’s always the case though and a few pictures and videos will resurface from time to time, just as info about the Enfield Haunting does. But if nothing else it’s still good to read someone else’s opinion on these images and to see them in a new light.