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Contact Us: Ask, Inquire, Discuss (Sponsorship, Questions, More)

Do you have a question for the owners or writers of Enfield Haunting? Do you have something you need to get off your chest? If you, you can use the Contact Us form below. Before we get to that though, here is a short FAQ.

Contact Us: FAQ Before You Do

There is just one thing we need to get off our chest:

Do Not Request Guest Posts Here

We have said this several times and in several places on this site. We have even listed it here in the past. But every day we still get requests about this and our inbox has been spammed full of them. We are open to such requests, but you need to check with our Write For Us page first.

There you will find guidelines on how to submit and on what you should submit. So, please give our editors a break and don’t send any submissions through here. They have enough trouble putting up with our requests every day, we don’t want to force additional unnecessary work on them.

Your Questions Answered

Before you submit, please make sure that we haven’t already answered your question below:

Did you cover the Enfield Haunting at the time?

No. In fact, we weren’t even born! We do live in the UK though and we have grown up around this story. However, it’s more of a personal interest thing than a concrete connection.

You have made a mistake on your website

Our site is constantly being updated, as that is the only way we can ensure we cover everything. So, don’t worry if you spot any typos or other small mistakes, these will be caught soon enough. However if you think there are inaccuracies with regards to the info provided, we would love to hear your reasoning. After all, we’re not perfect and we will make a few mistakes from time to time.

I know something about the Enfield Haunting I think you should mention

Then get in touch! We would love to include it on the site if it is good info and we could back it up with some cold, hard facts. Just give us what info you have got. We can’t pay any kind of finder’s fee though, so you would would be dong it for the good of the site and your fellow readers.

Can you review my products/service?

Please see our write for us page where we discuss sponsored posts. This is rare, but it may be possible under certain circumstances.

Can I place a banner on your site?

Sure. We would need to charge, of course, but we are open to new ads. As you can see, we don’t post a lot of ads here on EnfieldHaunting.com, so we have limited space. But there may be something for you.

Who owns Enfield Haunting.com?

We are part of a larger media company that owns a number of websites across many different subjects. The business is run by a strong team of writers, artists and designers and we currently have over 2 dozen sites, including this one.

Can you link to my site?

We get a lot of requests from webmasters who write about similar topics and want us to link to them. Feel free to send us details of such a site and we might take a look. But we can’t promise anything. We tend to focus on sites we find ourselves and add them on merit, and we have yet to add links that have been sent to us.

Can I write a guest post for your site?

Yes, but do not send anything of this nature through the contact form below! Sorry to stress this, but even with several warnings on this page, those emails are still coming in.