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The Most Haunted Castle in the UK (Other Haunted Castles and Forts)

Most Haunted Castle in the UK

The Enfield Haunting website was created to give you a full account of the events which occurred in 1977 England. But occasionally we like to cover other, related stories.

We’ve talked about the most haunted forest in the world, and we’ve covered real life ghosts caught on video. There are some hauntings which are completely unrelated to Janet Hodgson and her family, like our list of haunted houses across the United States. But a few might be somewhat related, as it’s possible the Hodgsons could have heard stories. Those stories may have been used to “enhance” the Enfield haunting.

Haunted castles are an example of this. The UK has a lot of history, and it’s no surprise that there are haunted castle stories – more than we can ever mention in just one article. But let’s look at a few of the most popular haunted castle stores, then at the most haunted castle in the UK.

Portchester Castle

It’s thought that Portchester Castle was founded in the 11th century. While that’s not for certain, what is certain is that it’s seen many uses, including that of a prison. Many people have lived and passed through here over the centuries, and some are thought to haunt the castle.

There are several ghosts, including the White Lady. This woman is thought to be Charlotte White, who drowned in the moat trying to save her baby. The ghost of an unidentified monk, in full black hooded robe, has been seen as well. And one young boy recorded the sound of horses’ hoofbeats on concrete. Of course, there were no horses at Portchester Castle at that time.

Margan Castle

Located in Wales, this is said to be a haunted castle. The castle itself is relatively new: it was founded in 1830, and was home to the Talbot family until the outbreak of the second world war. The Talbots sold the home to David Evans-Bevan, but he couldn’t take care of it. During World War II, Margan Castle was requisitioned by British and American forces.

The castle began to deteriorate following the war, and it wasn’t until the 1970s that it was restored. Visitors to Margan Castle have frequently reported sightings of the ghost of Robert Scott, who was a gamekeeper at the home. He had been murdered by a poacher, but his spirit is thought to remain at Margan Castle.

The voices and laughter of children can also be heard at Margan Castle. When they have been seen, they are in Victorian dress.

Muncaster Castle

Muncaster Castle is privately owned, so you won’t be able to visit here. It was built in 1258, and there are thought to be ghosts of the previous occupants living here.

The most famous of these is Tom Skelton, also called Tom Fool. Tom Fool was known as the “serial killer court jester” an entertainer who took his practical jokes too far. Skelton would sit beneath a chestnut tree and chat with travelers passing by the castle.

If Skelton didn’t like the looks of these travelers, he would give them the “wrong” directions. He’d send them to an almost undetectable patch of quicksand by the cliffs. It’s unclear how many innocent travelers Tom Fool sent to their deaths.

The ghost of Tom Fool is just one of the many sprits who remain at Mucaster Castle.

Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle UK

Over 800 years old, Chillingham Castle is a contender for the most haunted castle in the UK. It served as a first line of defense against the Scots, but is most well-known for the torture that occurred there.

The dungeon is a small room which would inspire claustrophobia in anyone visiting. There are markings on the wall where prisoners have kept count of the days they were held. Prisoners’ arms and legs were broken before they were thrown down the 20 feet to this dungeon. They then died of starvation. Some prisoners attempted to eat chunks of flesh from others’ bodies, or even their own, in an attempt to stay alive.

The torture chamber was run by a man named John Sage. Visiting Chillingham Castle, one can see the devices he’d used to torture his victims. A boiling pot, barrels full of spikes, and tools for gouging out eyes are on display. Gage is also known for the manner in which he killed the remaining Scottish prisoners at the end of the war with the Scots.

The man rounded up the men, women and older children and burned them to death in a huge bonfire. The younger children were made to watch until their families were dead. Then, to eliminate the possibility of revenge by these children, he hacked them to pieces with an axe.

The ghost of John Gage and many victims of the Chillingham Castle torture have been seen, heard and felt at this haunted castle.

The Most Haunted Castle in the UK

Most Haunted Castle UK

Edinburgh Castle is the most haunted castle in the UK because of the spirits who reside there are the number of reports of those specters. The building dates back to the 12th century, and like most castles was a place of torture to prisoners.

Edinburgh Castle sits atop a series of secret tunnels. In more recent centuries, a man was sent to explore these tunnels; he played a bagpipe as he searched, so that others could determine his whereabouts. Halfway down the Royal Mile, the playing stopped. Searches never recovered his body – he had simply disappeared.

In the 1500s, Janet Douglas was imprisoned at Edinburgh Castle as she’d been accused of witchcraft. She was found guilty and burned at the stake while her young son was forced to watch. Her spirit remains at the castle.

The ghost drummer, the dung barrel prisoner and the victims of torture who died here are other specters which have been seen or felt at Edinburgh Castle. Paranormal research has even been done on the castle. Dr. Richard Wiseman in 2001 proved that visitors with no knowledge of the castle felt more of a presence in the areas said to be haunted.

The frequency of reports and the number of spirits who remain in Edinburgh Castle have earned it the reputation of the most haunted castle in the UK.