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Enfield Haunting Books: Literature, Essays, Fiction and Non-Fiction

Enfield Haunting Books

As with many paranormal occurrences which receive as much press as the Hodgson family did, the Enfield haunting received a lot of media attention. Not just in newspapers and news channels, but also in pop culture.

You’ve seen both The Conjuring 2 and the Enfield Haunting miniseries. You’ve probably read about the Enfield haunting online. And, of course, you’re reading the Enfield Haunting website right now!

But there are also a number of books on the subject, including some from those who were present at the house during the events (including Ed Warren). Here are a few Enfield Haunting books. Some have become more popular than others, and all listed below are available on Amazon.

So take your pick, and enjoy!

This House is Haunted: The True Story of the Enfield Poltergeist

Guy Lyon Playfair

Guy Lyon Playfair is the author of this book, and it’s one of the many works which we’ve read cover to cover. We have, of course, done extensive research on Janet Hodgson and her family, but there are many Enfield haunting books which have only outside knowledge on the circumstances surrounding the Enfield haunting.

We wanted the inside story. And what better way to get the inside story than to read it from one of the primary investigators on the case?

The book itself is a little dry, but that matter-of-fact approach was Playfair’s intent. In the book’s preface, the author makes clear to his audience that the book should be read as an account of the events. That is, as opposed to a fictitious or sensationalized version.

Despite being technical in nature, This House is Haunted is actually quite an interesting read. The descriptions of the actual investigations were quite enlightening, and it was intriguing to note some of the theories within the book. As an example, Playfair suggests Tourette’s Syndrome as one possible cause of Janet’s outbursts, an absurd statement to anyone who understands the disorder.

Whether or not you’ve seen the movies, we recommend you read this book. It is, hands down, the best of the Enfield haunting books.

Ghost Tracks: Case Files of Ed & Lorraine Warren

Ed and Lorraine Warren

Best Enfield Haunting Books

If you’re looking for more information about Ed and Lorraine Warren, check out Ghost Tracks. It’s a joint autobiography written by the couple about their career as paranormal investigators. While it doesn’t focus exclusively on the Enfield haunting, it does describe the cases which the pair studied.

Knowing more about the work the Warrens were dealing with will give readers a better sense of the theories surrounding the Enfield haunting. And though the couple were not much involved in the Enfield haunting itself, Ghost Tracks will prove an entertaining read for those interested in poltergeists and stories of possession.

Ghost Tracks is just one of a series of books written by the couple. While they’re not specifically Enfield haunting books, they make for very entertaining and scary reads.

Haunted Enfield

Jason Hollis

Whether you believe the Enfield haunting to be fact or fiction is up to you. But the story of Janet and her family is just one of the ghost stories which took place in Enfield.

Jason Hollis grew up in Enfield, and became very familiar with haunted spots in and around the Enfield area. Over 13 years, he developed a compilation of these places; that compilation of research became Haunted Enfield.

Hollis’s motivation for writing the book was this: he was interested in learning more about the haunted places he grew up frequented, but the Enfield haunting dominated literature and media coverage. He believes that the Enfield haunting was just one of many events in his hometown, and perhaps even one of the least interesting.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Enfield area, check out Haunted Enfield. The book provided a bit of clarity as to the knowledge that Janet Hodgson and her sister had of the paranormal, having grown up familiar with the stories in this book and perhaps having even been influenced by them. .

Note that this is an ebook, but is available on Amazon via the free Kindle Reader application.

The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren

Gerald Brittle

Taken an interest in the Enfield haunting and want to learn about similar cases? Check out The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Above, we mentioned that the Warrens themselves had written several books, recounting their experiences with paranormal investigations. However, some readers have complained that the Warrens’ autobiographies were, perhaps, a bit self-serving. If you’re interested in learning more about the couple from an unbiased point of view, The Demonologist will teach you.

The book is based on interviews by the author, Gerald Brittle, over some time in Connecticut. As you know, the Warrens involved themselves with may high-profile hauntings. They investigated the Amityville house, Annabelle, the Snedeker House, and others.

The Demonologist tells the story of the Warrens, and of the hauntings they researched throughout their careers and around the world. The Enfield haunting is covered, but the work goes well beyond just telling the story of Janet and her family.

Beyond Enfield Haunting Books

Considering the attention Janet Hodgson earned in the 1970s, it comes as a surprise that there aren’t more Enfield haunting books. In fact, if we’re being honest, there’s only one book which has been written about the Enfield haunting. For the most detailed account of what happened to the Hodgson family, read Guy Playfair’s book.

With that said, we can’t just copy Playfair’s writing and create a website. Instead, we’ve done a lot of research in an attempt to find reputable, trustworthy information about the case. In our research, we’ve discovered news articles, interviews, video footage and a plethora of other sources.

Enfield haunting books are a great way to learn about the case itself, about those involved, and about the area in which the Enfield haunting occurred. But there’s something to be said for our methodology as well. The hours we’ve put into researching the haunting has allowed us to explore the opinions of both the skeptics and the believers. Take a look around the web, and see what you can find, as well.