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About Us: Who We Are, What We Do, Why We Do It

There are very few pages on this site that do not relate to the Enfield Haunting or to some other kind of spooky, real life horror story. That means we haven’t had much of a chance to bore you with details on who we are and why we do what we do. So, that’s what this page is for as we tell you a little about us.

About Us

EnfieldHaunting.com is a site that is dedicated to the story of the same name. This is a real life haunting that took place in England in the late 1970s. It is a story that has inspired countless books and films, and one that has forever remained in the public conscious.

For us, this site was a no-brainer. As soon as we saw that the domain was available we jumped at the chance. We have a passion for all things creepy and for real life hauntings, with the Enfield Poltergeist case being one of our favorites. So, when the opportunity came we snapped it up and immediately set about gathering all the information needed to provide an accurate and informative website to cover this case in full.

To show you just how dedicated we are to this case and similar ones, we actually own half a dozen other sites on this topic. We own another top site that covers this case and we also own some other big sites on horror. None of these are really connected and we don’t make a point of using one to advertise another because we want to keep them separated. But it allows us to keep our heads buried in all things spooky.

Who the Enfield Haunting Team Are

So, who are the team behind this EnfieldHaunting.com website? Well, there are several of us and we all play a big role in keeping this site together. We have a head editor by the name of Ezra who ensures that everything is maintained, that all of the articles are delegated correctly and then published clearly. He also deals with all messages that we receive and if you contact us at any point then he will be the one to respond.

Elsewhere we have a team of writers, including Shana and PJ, who work to keep all of the content fresh. This site doesn’t need a vast number of articles every day and we always go for quality over quantity. However, those articles need to be well written, they need to be accurate and that takes a lot of work.

So, we also have researchers and fact checkers working on EnfieldHaunting.com. Sheldon and Hugo are the hard working guys who have been assigned this role. They work so long and so hard they are practically nocturnal, and we appreciate that. We love those guys.

We also have developers and artists to ensure everything looks great and works exactly as it should.

Why We Created This Site

We created this site to fully explore a topic that hasn’t really been covered as it should. There is certainly a lot of info out there about the Enfield Haunting, but how much of this can you trust? Half of it has been written by believers who will try to convince you to believe as well. The other half has been penned by skeptics who will only focus on the negatives.

We are neither one nor the other and we are happy to show you this story from a neutral point. We want to tell you everything about it, present it to you in a clear and concise manner, and then let you work out your own conclusion.

We have also covered aspects of the Enfield Haunting that you just can’t find anywhere. These include case studies, articles and more on fringe family members, law enforcement officers and other people who were involved in the case but don’t usually see the limelight.

Is it Just the Enfield Haunting?

No! That is certainly the main focus of EnfieldHaunting.com, but that’s not all we do. When the site was first launched (which, may be when you are reading it right now) we just wanted to cover the Enfield Haunting case in full. We wanted to cover every aspect of it clearly and concisely.

However, as soon as that is done then we will move on to other hauntings and other stories. If it’s as interesting and we can cover it as well, then you will find it here. However, we’ll always be coming back to the Enfield Haunting and ensure that you stay up to date with any new happenings involving the family and every other aspect of the case.

What to Expect

You should expect complete, honest and concise information on every aspect of the Enfield Haunting case, as well as other cases like it. All of this content has been researched in advance and it has all been written by professional writers who have a passion for this subject.

Our Goals

We just want to provide a complete and honest rendering of a case that has been regurgitated hundreds of times over the decades. On top of that we also want to provide info on other top cases that fans of the Enfield Haunting will surely love.

Of course, we also want to have fun. We enjoy writing about this stuff as much as you enjoy reading it, and until that stops then we won’t stop putting the content out there.

How You Can Join Us

If you would like to join the EnfieldHaunting.com team then you just need to use our Write For Us page. We are very strict about who we accept, but if you follow the guidelines then anything is possible. We have a lot of guidelines because these have repeatedly being ignored, but we can promise that if you follow these guidelines then your submission will not be ignored.

So, take a look and send us a submission. Who knows, in a few days or weeks you could be adding your own content to the EnfieldHaunting.com website and to the many other websites owned by our parent company.